We contribute to social security in seven fields
through abundant experience and knowledge.
Agriculture and Rural development
About threefourth of the total population of the poverty people is living in rural villages. We support these people thorough agricultural and rural development projects to improve their self-food-supply and to activate the rural societies through sustainable agriculture.     
Water resource development
Water resource deficit is getting severer under the pressure of the World's population increase. We support the people vulnerable to natural disasters and provide safe water use by planning of facilities for these people. We also spport integrated water resource management with efficient use of limited water resource.      
Community development
We support rural community to live up to various schems for improvement and advancement of the community based on their self planning of the future. We also assist their ability improvement of rural human resource for their improvement in the society.     
Environmental management
Global mass consumption of natural resources and related land development have been causing shrinkage of forest land and leading to desertification of the area. We support conservation of natural environment and basins in developing areas of the world in harmony with production activity of local inhabitants.     
Training program
Various technical training programs are provided to the engineers and administrative officers of developing countries by international aid agencies. We contribute to support these programs in the field of rural community development and enhancement of the quality of life.     
We support the rehabilitation and restoration of local basic infrastructures or superannuated farm assets in post-conflict areas. We assist the local communities for prevention of conflict and its recurrence.     
Energy development
Rising of global energy demand resulted in depletion of energy resources and global warming. We support for related activities in local areas for promotion of renewable energy.